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Q. What is included in the purchase price of my in-ground basketball hoop system?

A.The in-ground system price will include the five major components that must be installed.

  • Ground Anchor
  • Pole Assembly
  • Extension Arms (2)
  • Backboard
  • Rim

Pole padding and backboard padding are additional accessories that may be added to the purchase price during checkout.

Q. What is the difference between goals?

A. The differences between the goals are pole size, pole design, backboard size, backboard material, height adjustability, and warranties.

Q. How are systems anchored into the ground?

A. Each system is anchored using our patented ground anchor hinge system.

First, the ground anchor is placed in a 4' deep hole (18" diameter) and secured using Quikrete. When dry, the hinge system allows complete assembly of the hoop before it is raised upright and bolted to the ground anchor.

Q. What types of backboards are available?

A. We have both tempered glass and acrylic.

Our tempered glass backboard has a superior ball response and is the backboard material of choice in residential settings. Acrylic is great for park and school applications or areas where there is unsupervised play. Both boards carry Limited Lifetime Warranty when used in their proper applications.

Q. Can I take my system with me when I move?

A. If you're lucky enough to take it with you, you simply loosen the five bolts holding the pole to the anchor.

The anchor stays in the ground, and you get to take the hoop with you. You can purchase a new anchor when you're ready to reinstall it.

Q. Should I install the goal myself or have it installed by a professional?

A. This decision is up to you! The installation and assembly of a goal can be accomplished by two or three people without the use of ladders or a scaffold.

The patented ground anchor hinge system allows complete assembly of the goal before it is raised upright. The toughest task during installation of a goal is digging the hole.

Q. Do I need backboard edge and pole padding?

A. Contact is more likely with height-adjustable basketball systems.

Padding will provide protection when your backyard game gets rough.

Q. How soon will my goal ship?

A. Products are typically in stock and will ship within 1 to 3 business days.

After your order leaves our warehouse, delivery times vary according to the location of your shipping address. Please note that business days are Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays within the United States. You will receive a Shipment Confirmation email from us detailing your order and including tracking information.